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We have been talking a lot about customer experiences. 

What does that mean, and why is the customer experience important? 

Ensuring that your tenants are happy in your home and feeling like you care about them will drive up tenant retention. When you can hold onto your residents and they renew their lease agreement year after year, you earn more money. 

This is important when you want to avoid expensive turnovers and long vacancies. The Alexandria rental market is strong right now; you’d find a new tenant easily if your current tenants move out. But, you don’t want them to. You want them to continue renting for you so there’s some stability for your investment and your rental income. 

It’s also important because happy tenants tend to care more about the homes they’re living in. They’ll be less likely to violate the lease or damage your property. 

Here are our best tips on creating outstanding tenant experiences that will ensure they stay in place, pay their rent on time, and help you take care of your property. 

Active Listening and Transparent Communication 

A good tenant experience requires a good tenant relationship. Clear communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. Make sure to communicate regularly with your tenants, keep them updated on maintenance issues, and respond promptly to their messages and phone calls. Ensure that you have an open line of communication, so tenants feel they can reach out to you at any time. Maintaining a friendly but professional relationship with your tenants allows them to feel valued and respected.

Always make sure your listening skills are active and sincere. Tenants want to be heard, so really listen to what your tenant is telling you, and repeat back a version of what you’ve heard so you can be sure everyone is on the same page. 

Use good listening and communication skills to set expectations for the tenancy early on in your relationship, even before the lease is signed or the first month’s rent has been collected. This will help you create a fantastic rental experience because there will be less confusion and uncertainty. 

Discuss the lease and its most important elements in person or in writing. This creates consistency and trust. You’re communicating what you need from your tenants, and they’re empowered to ask questions and get clarity.  

It’s also worth your time to show your new residents how the property works. This will set them up for a great rental experience; they’ll know how to work the thermostat and where to find the water shut-off in case there’s a pipe that bursts and floods the home. Train them on how often to change the air filters and what to do if they lose power. This type of communication is going the extra mile, and your tenants will remember the care you took in making them feel comfortable in their new home. 

Keep your Alexandria Property Clean and Well-Maintained

Always be proactive about maintenance, not only because it’s better for your property but also because it contributes to the rental experience you’re trying to create. Put a preventative plan into place so there aren’t a lot of emergencies or unexpected breakdowns. Fix issues promptly and invest in deep cleanings between tenants during turnover periods. Make improvements and upgrades. 

The best way to stay a step ahead of property repairs is to create a maintenance schedule and share it with your tenants so they know when to expect service. Addressing issues as soon as they arise will create a safer, more comfortable living experience for your tenants. 

Tenants Want Privacy and Respect

You are the owner of the property your tenants are living in, but they have made it their home. You need to respect that. 

Respect your tenant’s space and their privacy. This is critical to providing an exceptional tenant experience. We strongly advise you to establish a good relationship with your renters, but you don’t want to become over-friendly to the point that you feel emboldened to stop by every weekend just to have a friendly chat. Tenants, even if they like you, won’t enjoy that invasion of their space and privacy. 

Prioritize Convenience for Alexandria Tenants 

Most Alexandria tenants are looking for an easy and convenient rental experience. They don’t want to deal with frustrations and stress when they’re living in your property. They want to move in with ease, enjoy where they’re living, and move out with equal ease. 

What can you do to make the rental process more convenient for your tenants? 

  • Allow pets. Pet-friendly properties earn more money, they have lower vacancy and turnover rates, and they have higher levels of tenant satisfaction. For many of your tenants, pets are part of the family. Welcome the pets and don’t be afraid to pamper them a little. The occasional dog treat or cat toy as a gift will go a long way in how your pet owning tenants feel about you. 
  • Provide online rental payments so tenants don’t have to write out a check every month and hunt down a postage stamp. Most tenants want the convenience of online rental payments. As Alexandria property managers, we’re able to provide an online platform that easily accepts rental payments, allows for advanced scheduling, and stores payment information. You can figure out a way to accept payments digitally through a payment app or a transfer service. Offer multiple ways for your tenants to pay. You can count on more consistent rental payments this way.
  • Provide smart home tech and security features that are in high demand these days. Tenants love video doorbells, for example, and will appreciate keeping their energy bills lower with smart thermostats, LED light bulbs, and energy-efficient appliances. 

Allow for anything that will improve your tenant’s quality of life. Maybe they want in-unit laundry or a valet trash collection service. Be willing to listen, and respond in the best way you can.

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